Update April 1, 2022


The Holy Cross Annual Golf Tournament is back this year!  It is on Friday May 13, 2022 at Riverway Golf Course.  Our website for registration for groups is https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/2022-holy-cross-golf-tournament

We recommend that you register as soon as possible as there are only a few spots remaining for the tournament this year!

We also want to thank those sponsors who have committed to supporting the event this year. If you have any questions, please email Dino Alberti at dinohc@telus.net.


One of the most popular auction items at our golf tournament is the Heavenly Wine collection, gifted by the Holy Cross Parish community. You can participate by choosing wine to purchase from $15 to $25.

It will take place after all Masses on Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24 with more details to follow.


Please join us on Wednesday April 6th at 7:00 pm in the Church for our Lent Penitential Service.  There will be 5 priests available to hear your confessions.

If you cannot come to our Penitential Service, there are services throughout the Archdiocese.  For information on confession times at other parishes https://rcav.org/lent/confession


The Little white Books for Easter are available for sale at the back of the Church for $2.00 each.  Please place the money in the designated box.

Religious Articles

If you are looking for Confirmation or First Communion gifts or you need something to help you or your family live your faith, the CWL is selling religious articles at the back of the Church after the 5:00 pm Mass  Saturday April 2 and the 8:00am, 10:00am & 12:00pm Masses on April 3.  We can accept only cheque or cash for payment.


Thank you to all the parishioners who volunteered to participate in the Zoom Conversation Circles for the Synod. If you decide to participate, there is still time to join the Conversation Circles, which will take place at 7 p.m. on April 12, 2022. To do so, please contact Lanny Hui at lanny.hui@gmail.com  .

Alternatively, you can participate individually by filling out a response form and placing this in the Synod Response box at the back of the church or filling in your individual responses online at https://secure.rcav.org/synod-submissions-individuals/.   Please prayerfully reflect before answering the five Synod questions.  Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in expressing your thoughts. 

MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
April 4 to 10, 2022

Mon.     8:15 am            +Robert Veltri (Wife Rose Ann)

Tues.    8:15 am            Parishioners

 Wed.   8:15 am            Spl. Int. Alicia Chan (Family)

Thurs    8:15 am            +Roberto D. Anonas (Family)

Fri.       8:15 am            +Dolores Nopre (Albina Halfar)

Fri.       7:30 pm            +William Yang (John and Diva)

                                    +Honorata Stephenson (Family)

                                    +Emma Isaac (Anna Matera)

                                    +Maryann Guynes (Olga Hoffman)

                                    +++Flavio, Lidia and Angelo Santarosa (Family)

                                    ++Andrew and Bernie Young (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Franca Zumpano (Anna Matera)

                                    Spl. Int. Thanksgiving for God’s Grace

                                    Spl. Int. Dorene Fierro

Sat.      9:00 am            +Giuseppe Guttadauro (Giuseppina G.)

Sat       5:00 pm            +Patria B. Anonas (Family)

                                    +Derek Crawford (Parents)

                                    +Anna Dellisanti (Zumpano Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Jane Thompson (Edward and Angeline Han)

Sun.     8:00 am            +Alessandro Peretto (Family)

                                    +Darek Mikulski (Parishioner)

                                   Spl. Int. Jane Thompson (Don and May Chan)

Sun.     10:00am            ++Domenico and Rosa Mobilio (Family)

                                    +Paul Pazdera (May and Don Chan)

                                    +Manuel Rocha (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Marguerite Pazdera (May and Don Chan)

Sun.     12:00 Noon       +Saverino Filipelli (Family)

                                    +++Gino and Maria Sain (Pilar Sain and Family)

                                    +Hernando Gamez (Pilar Sain and Family)

                                    +Norberto De Castro (Family)

                                   Spl. Int. Donna Matte (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. John and James Morris (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Dorene Fierro

Sun.     5:00pm             Parishioners

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