Initial Contact

Initial contact should be made with one of our priests. After meeting with the priest and obtaining preliminary information, the priest will schedule the wedding date and give all the information including regarding marriage preparation. Please note that Holy Cross requests that a couple allow at least six months for the preparation process. This process includes meeting with the priest, a premarital program and the preparation of documents for a wedding file.


The wedding takes place in the parish church of either the bride or groom. If you are not a parishioner of Holy Cross Parish, it is required that permission be obtained from the parish you are presently registered in.

Marriage Formation

Marriage formation has two components at Holy Cross: marriage course AND mentorship program. It is expected you complete both.

  1. Marriage Course: Attend a course, as soon as possible. The priest witnessing your marriage must sign your registration form before the course.
  2. Witness to Love Mentorship Program: A coaching couple will be in touch with you to share more about marriage mentorship.

For more information about Marriage Formation Program, please visit

Baptism Certificates

Catholics must provide a new baptismal certificate issued within six months prior to your wedding. Non-Catholics (if baptized) provide a photocopy of their original Baptismal Certificate.


Usually when a Marriage Preparation Course is completed, the bride and groom make an appointment with the priest to fill out the necessary forms, bringing with them their parents (one parent from each party) OR an adult sibling. In case a parents or a sibling of one party cannot come, the presence of two friends (knowing this party longer than 2 years) is required to sign the witness forms.

British Columbia Marriage License

The License is good for three months and should be purchased two months or so before the wedding date. Bring it to the parish office once you have obtained it.

Ceremony Planning

Do this with the priest well in advance of the rehearsal. Choices for music, readings, and people involved with the liturgy should be made several weeks before the ceremony. If you want to provide a booklet for your guests to use, the priest will want to approve the draft before you print it.


The usual day is the Thursday before the wedding. The exact time depends on our Mass schedule, but will be no later than 7.30 p.m.


Marriage with a Mass will be approx. 1 hour and marriage without a Mass 45 minutes. If the wedding starts late, the ceremony may be reduced to keep within the designated time period, especially if there is another wedding, confessions or a Mass taking place afterwards.

Church Use Offering

There should be a reasonable proportion between other wedding expenses and your offering to the Church. Suggested donation should be no less than 250. The cheque should be made out to: Holy Cross Parish and presented at the time of the rehearsal.

Stipend to Officiating Priest

An offering is usually given to the officiating priest in appreciation for the services given. A wedding will take about five hours of the priest’s time as well as other cost to the parish. Payment for the priest is in addition to the church offering.


For your wedding ceremony we encourage you to use our parish musicians. Please, ask the priest for contact information. No CD’s allowed during the liturgy.


The placement of your arrangements may be done 1 hour before your wedding ceremony.

Pew Decorations

All decorations must be attached with wrap-around-ties. No tape, tacks or candles are allowed.


Regular photography or video taping is allowed during the ceremony as long as the liturgy is not disrupted. Please advise your photographer to talk to the officiating priest prior to the wedding ceremony.

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