Update March 25, 2022


Once again, our Holy Cross Community is stepping up to the plate and giving monetary aid to the Ukraine people that are arriving daily into Poland.  To date, your continued generosity to this cause has brought in a total of $30,837. Thank you!

As I mentioned last week, the two women, Svitlana and Ludmila, along with their children, have been living in the apartment sponsored by our parishioners.  This week they have received their Polish SIN numbers and on Monday their children will begin attending the local school in Zory. To generate some money, Svitlana and Ludmila are going to make and sell their home-made pierogis . . . unfortunately, they are not able to take orders from Canada!

Now we are making arrangements to sponsor accommodation for another group of refugees in Poland.  This means that we need to put aside $15,000 to cover the cost of these two apartments, as well as the cost of living for the people staying in them.

Whatever we collect over this amount will be sent directly to the Salvatorian Parishes in the Western Ukraine. They are supporting local shelters for the refugees and need to purchase basic equipment such as mattresses, washing machines, stoves, etc.  They have also been helping to purchase and transport medical equipment greatly needed for their local hospitals.

There are a variety of opportunities to help those in need during this difficult time.  At Holy Cross Parish, we will continue to pray for these refugees and to support them as much as we are able.


You are cordially invited to our community pancake breakfast this Sunday March 27, 2022 after the 8am and 10am Masses. We look forward to seeing all of you again!


The Holy Cross Annual Golf Tournament is back this year!  It is on Friday May 13, 2022 at Riverway Golf Course.  Our website for registration for groups is https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/2022-holy-cross-golf-tournament

We recommend that you register as soon as you can as this event always sells out!

We also want to thank those sponsors who have committed to supporting the event this year. If you have any questions, please email Dino Alberti at dinohc@telus.net.


Morning Mass Times will be back to 8:15 am starting Monday March 28th.


If you are looking for Confirmation or First Communion gifts or you need something else to help you or your family live your faith, the CWL is selling religious articles at the back of the Church next weekend April 2 & April 3.


In unity with Pope Francis, Archbishop Michael Miller invites us to participate and contribute to the synod as a parish.

·       To participate in an online Holy Cross discussion group called “Conversation Circles”, please sign-up at the back of the church.

·       If you want to participate individually, follow this link anonymously to share your thoughts: https://secure.rcav.org/synod-submissions-individuals/

·       You can also fill out the response sheet which will be provided in the back of the church; and place this in the Synod feedback box.

MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
March 28 to April 3, 2022

Mon.     8:15 am            ++Lewis and Rosemary Glavina

Tues.   8:15 am            Spl. Int. Adeline Yiu (Don and May Chan)

Wed.   8:15 am            +Florence Fung Lun (Family)

Thurs   8:15 am            Spl. Int. Peggy Leung (Edward and Angeline Han)

Thurs   9:15 am            (School Mass) +Evelyn Lobo (Francis Family)

Fri.       8:15 am            Parishioners

Fri.       7:30 pm            ++Cristina and Grandma Cheng (Lanny and Danny)

                                    +Emma Isaac (Costanza M.)

                                    +Frances Morris (Family)

                                    +Maryann Guynes (Joy MacFarland)

                                    +Michael D’Mello (Joy MacFarland)

                                    +Rufia Chakeredza (Maria Chakeredza)

                                    Spl. Int. Barbara Van Heiningen (Regina M.)

                                    Spl. Int. May and Michelle (Juliet)

                                    Spl. Int. for Faith for Children and Grandchildren (Roslyn Jaccobucci)

Sat.      9:00 am            ++Souls in Purgatory

Sat       5:00 pm            +Marizza F. Anonas (Family)

                                    +John Brassington (Dave and Dorothy)

                                    +Paula Wu (Alice and Ernest)

                                    ++Deceased Members of Tan Family (Family)

Sun.     8:00 am            +Cesare Santagiuliana (Family)

Sun.     10:00am           +Eufrasia Sovernigo (Family)

                                    +Augusto di Muzio (Valdevit Family)

                                    +Amparo Somera (Somera Family)

                                    +Paul Pazdera (Marguerite Ann)

                                    +Luigi Scaccia (Family)

                                    ++Michael and Helen Hu (Maria Hu)

Sun.     12:00 Noon       ++Antonietta and Giuseppe De Mare (Daughter)

                                    ++Zoilo and Bernadette Banez (Perla P.)

                                    +Saverino Filipelli (Family)

                                    +Doris Ataat (Perla P.)

                                    +Cassandra Peragine (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Dorene Fierro

Sun.     5:00pm             Parishioners

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