Email Bulletin for Sept 8, 2023

COFFEE SUNDAY (second Sunday of each month)

This Sunday, September 10, please join our monthly Coffee Sunday after all morning Masses (8 am, 10 am, and 12 pm) right outside the door.  We have various treats donated by Cobs in Kensington and Valley Bakery and we also have lemonade.  

You may have already heard the wonderful news about Valley Bakery. “Good news to all our dear customers, Valley Bakery will continue to operate under new management starting Friday, Aug. 25.”  

We presented the heartfelt messages you wrote for the retiring owner.  Thank you for the kind words to express your gratitude!


The Salmon BBQ Meeting for Volunteers on Monday, Sept. 11 at 7 pm will be held in the School Gym and not the Church Basement.” 



Would you like to strengthen your faith?  Join us for a simple 9 day retreat from October 4, 5, October 10-12, and October 16-19 (about one hour each day for nine days). Faith places us in real contact with God. Faith is our strength as Christians, because it teaches us to rely on Him in all things. Often lived most fervently when experiencing spiritual desolation, faith bears the fruit of peace, hope, and love. Using Fr. Jacques Philippe’s book, we will take nine days together with the parish community to meditate on your faith. Learn how to deepen and strengthen it, so that through both times of ease and times of burden, your faith can keep you focused on God, as he faithfully keeps his focus on you. 

We will start with evening Mass at 7pm followed by a small group discussion in the church. Please register with Dorothy Demare at by September 29; the book (about $20) is optional and can also be purchased at an online bookstore. 


If you want to become a Catholic or are a Catholic who have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation or just want to reconnect with your faith, please call or email our parish office to register for the RCIA Program.  If you know someone who might be interested, please reach out to them and invite them to join the course.  We are beginning this Saturday, September 9th but you are still very welcome to join.  We will give you more details after registration.

Holy Cross Annual Salmon Barbecue on Sunday, Sept. 17

Please join us for our popular Parish Annual Salmon Barbecue from 3 to 7 pm on Sunday, Sept. 17 on the Parish grounds.

Kid`s meals, adult meals, and beverages will be available for purchase. (more info to follow).  There will be a bouncy super slide, face painting and cotton candy on the Parish Grounds for children (free of charge) from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

The Salmon BBQ Meeting for Volunteers on Monday, Sept. 11 at 7 pm will be held in the School Gym and not the Church Basement.”  (We still need volunteers and please plan to attend this meeting if you will be helping us out at this event.) 

For more information and/or to volunteer contact Lucy Sousa at 604-205-9393 or Dino Alberti at

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Barbecue

Holy Cross Parish Salmon Barbecue Committee

PREP (Parish religious education program)

PREP is for children in Gr. 1 to Gr. 7 in the public school system or a non-Catholic school.  The Program will start on Tues Sept. 19 in the Holy Cross Church basement and the School building.

Classes will run on Tuesday nights from 7 to 8 pm. At least one parent from each HC Prep family should plan to attend our opening night evening parent’s meeting at 7:05 pm in the Church on Tues Sept. 19.

There are still a few spots remaining and parents can stop by the Parish Office to register from 9 am to 12 Noon or 1 to 4:00 pm, starting on Sept. 5th (Registrations will be accepted up until Sept. 29.)

Thank you

Dino Alberti

HC Prep Program Coordinator


Thursday September 14 – Knights General Meeting will be held in the music room at 7PM.

Sunday September 24 – The Knights of Columbus invite you to the Pancake Breakfast after 8am, 10am and 12pm masses, by donation.  Everyone is welcome.


Thursday September 21 – Mass at 6:30 pm followed by a General Meeting in the Music Room.


“Thank you to everyone who has reached out to volunteer for the Children’s Liturgy program.  The CL program will resume as of Sunday, September 17th.  We’re looking forward to another great year!”

Save the Dates in 2024

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Sunday February 11, 2024 – Super Bowl Party

Friday May 10, 2024 – Annual Golf Tournament

MASS INTENTIONS for next week Mon Sept 11, 2023 to Sun Sept 17, 2023 (requested by):

Mon. Sept 11    8:15 am           

Spl. Int. for Thanksgiving

Tues. Sept 12   8:15 am           

Spl. Int. Kit Wong (Psalm)

Wed. Sept 13    8:15 am           

+Joas Campos and Anna Patano (Family and Maria Banath)

Thurs Sept 14   8:15 am           

Spl. Int. Maria Viveiros (Psalm)

Thurs Sept 14   9:15 am           

School Mass – +Franco DeVuno (Cikes Family)

Fri. Sept 15       8:15 am           

Spl. Int. Lucas Wong (Family)

Fri. Sept 15       7:30 pm           

+Helen Morris (Diva)

+John Morris (Costanza Mancini)

+Adolfo Ortiz Junior (Maria Ortiz)

+Father Zeno (Diva)

+Gella Cruz (Diva)

++Domingo and Lorenzo Nopre (Albina Halfar)

Spl. Int. Agnes and Joachim on their Wedding Anniversary (Agnes)

Spl. Int. For Our Lady of Penafrancia (Albina Halfar)

Spl. Int. Patricia Regis (Betty C.)

Sat. Sept 16      9:00 am           

Spl. Int. Chase Wong (Family)

Sat. Sept 16      5:00 pm           

+Gella Cruz (Edna and Joseph Iorio)

+Alfredo Dolores (Art and Connie Madayag and Family)

Spl. Int. Kevin, Patrina and Family (Yam Family)

Sun. Sept 17     8:00 am           

++Deceased Members of the Adams and Anzulovich Families (Family)

Spl. Int. Joseph Myung and Family (Family)

Sun. Sept 17     10:00am          

+Attilio Pannozzo (Family)

+John Pavich (Diva and Family)

+Paul Nakashima (Jackie Pavich)

++Giuseppe and Vanda Geremiah (Renzo and Pierina Ballan)

+Jean Walters (Ivania and Tony)

+Carmina Tinaburri (Marisa D. and Nick G.)

+Margit Kovacs (Carmela Petrollini)

Sun. Sept 17     12:00 Noon      

+Maureen Morris (Diva)

+John Morris (Jeanette B.)

+Gella Cruz (Alfonso Family)

+Saverino Filippelli (Family)

Spl. Int. Cristina Alfonso (Family)

Spl. Int. Father Tomasz (Diva)

Spl. Int. Marie and Allen (Family)

Sun. Sept 17     5:00 pm           

++John and Antonio Porco (Anna Auld and Family)

+++++Manuel, Filomena, Gabriela, Maria, Celeste and all Deceased Members of the Goncalves Family (Clarisse Faria)

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