Email Bulletin for Sept 29, 2023


During the September 30th and October 1st masses, Holy Cross students will be announcing the annual ‘Walk-In-the-Lawns’ Walkathon fundraiser to be held on Friday, October 6th.  After each mass, students will be at the back of church accepting donations to assist them in reaching their goal.


The Parish Office will be closed Monday October 2 to observe National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  Morning Mass will be at 9:00 am.


Please have a look at the religious articles from the Holy Land for sale after all Masses.  These articles are hand crafted by the Christians of the Holy land who are selling these items to assist them in staying in the land of Christ. 

Share Christmas 2023 – Boxes Needed

Share Christmas will commence on the 1st Sunday of Advent (Dec 3) this year. We will be requesting food items like we did before Covid. In the meantime, we are asking parishioners to collect boxes that will help us in transporting your food to the Sisters in the Downtown Eastside. If you happen to shop at AAA, Red Apple, Save-On, Safeway, or Superstore, please ask the staff if they can donate one empty box (size: apple box preferred). If you’re shopping at Costco, please ask the staff if you can take one empty tray (size: avocado, plum, kiwi, or tomato trays preferred). If you collect one box, as a parish community working together, we will have enough boxes. Please place your empty box on a table (Share Christmas Boxes) at the back of the church. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Would you like to strengthen your faith?  Join us for a simple 9 day retreat from October 4, 5, October 10-12, and October 16-19 (about one hour each day for nine days). Faith places us in real contact with God. Faith is our strength as Christians, because it teaches us to rely on Him in all things. Often lived most fervently when experiencing spiritual desolation, faith bears the fruit of peace, hope, and love. Using Fr. Jacques Philippe’s book, we will take nine days together with the parish community to meditate on your faith. Learn how to deepen and strengthen it, so that through both times of ease and times of burden, your faith can keep you focused on God, as he faithfully keeps his focus on you. 

We will start with evening Mass at 7pm followed by a small group discussion in the church. There are still some spots available so please register with Dorothy Demare at The book (about $20) is optional and can also be purchased at an online bookstore. 

MASS INTENTIONS for next week Monday October 2 to Sunday Oct 8, 2023 (requested by):

Mon. Oct 2        9:00 am           

+John Van Essen (Family)

Tues. Oct 3       8:15 am           

++Esperance D’Souza and Elwood Morris

(Family and Tim and Denise Morris)

Wed. Oct 4       8:15 am           

Spl. Int. John and Bernice Cabana (Bozena)

Thurs. Oct 5      8:15 am           

+Richard Crompton (May and Don Chan)

Thurs. Oct 5      9:15 am           

School Mass

Fri. Oct 6          8:15 am           

+Florence Fung Luen Leung (Family)

Fri. Oct 6          7:30 pm           

+Hyacinth Yang (Lanny and Danny)

+John Morris (Family)

+Wendy Hampey (Parishioner)

+Gella Cruz (Lanny and Danny)

+Clyde Quebral on his First Death Anniversary (Rosy Torres)

++Timoteo and Simeona Salvacion (Diva)

Spl. Int. Giuseppina G. (Diva)

Spl. Int. May and Michelle (Juliet)

Spl. Int. Justin, Joel and Jerome Misenas (Nita)

Spl. Int. Jon Archer (Regina)

Spl. Int. Carmine and Makiko (Diva)

Spl. Int. Lanny and Danny Hui (Diva)

Spl. Int. Joe and Maria Viveiros (Diva)

Spl. Int. Ceceila Wan (Agnes)

Spl. Int. Catherine, Angela, Monica and Joachim Chen (Agnes)

Sat. Oct 7         9:00 am           

++Souls in Purgatory

Sat. Oct 7         5:00 pm           

+Kathleen Heirakuji (Thow Family)

+Gella Cruz (Jeanette B.)

Sun. Oct 8        8:00 am           

Spl. Int. Rodney Fong (Family)

Spl. Int. Elizabeth Myung and Family (Family)

Spl. Int. Kristal Foon and Family

Spl. Int. Aaron and Jerome (Family)

Sun. Oct 8        10:00am          

+John Pavich (Family)

Sun. Oct 8        12:00 Noon      

+Richard Crompton (Diva)

+John Morris

Spl. Int. Jeanette Buonassisi (Diva)

Spl. Int. Marlene Marsden (Diva)

Spl. Int. David Walker (Family)

Sun. Oct 8        5:00 pm           

+Emilio Bosa and Marcelina Battagin (Elsa Bosa and Family)

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