Email Bulletin for August 25, 2023


The Children’s Liturgy program is looking for additional volunteers to teach during 10 am Mass.  No experience is needed as training will be provided.  Please contact Lucy Sousa at 604-205-9393 if interested.  It’s really rewarding and a great way to connect with the children.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Knights of Columbus Executive Meeting

The next Executive Meeting is on Thursday August 31 at 7 pm in the music room.

Holy Cross Annual Salmon Barbecue on Sunday, Sept. 17

Please mark your calendars for our popular Annual Parish Salmon Barbecue from 3 to 7 pm on Sunday, Sept. 17 on the Parish grounds.

Kid`s meals, adult meals, & beverages will be available for purchase. (More details will be forthcoming).  There will be a bouncy super slide and face painting on the Parish Grounds for children (free of charge) from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

On Sept.11 at 7 pm, there will be an important organizational meeting in the Church Basement for all individuals who will be willing to volunteer at the Salmon Barbeque.  (Kindly note that we are still in need of volunteers and please plan to attend this meeting if you will be helping us out at the event.)

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Barbecue!

Holy Cross Parish Salmon Barbecue Committee


Our next Bible Study is from FORMED.ORG: Philippians: Life in Christ, a 6-session Catholic Bible Study starting Wednesday, Sept 13 at 7:30 pm. It will be conducted in a hybrid meeting – attend virtually or in person in the Music Room.  For registration or more information, contact the Parish Office or Tito Macapinlac at or (604) 761-3135. 
FORMED.ORG – ‘Netflix of the Catholic Faith’.  Tired of re-runs on TV? Subscribe to FORMED.ORG for free to learn more about the Catholic faith.  There is also programming for kids. To sign up for FORMED Click on: Type in: Holy Cross Parish (all small case works) and select our Parish from the drop-down menu. Click NEXT, type in your name & email address. Click SIGN UP and You’re in! The next time you access, choose SIGN IN.

MASS INTENTIONS for next week Mon August 28, 2023 to Sun September 3, 2023 (requested by):

Mon. Aug 28     9:00 am            +Agostino Di Stefano (Family)

Tues. Aug 29    9:00 am            +Maria Demare (Marisa and Nick)

Wed. Aug 30     9:00 am            Spl. Int. Heidi and David (Bozena)

Thurs. Aug 31   9:00 am            +David Schollen (Denise Morris)

Fri. Sept 1         9:00 am            Spl. Int. Betty Chung (Psalm)

Fri. Sept 1         7:30 pm            +Elvine Kelly (Nicole and Mike)

                                                +Wendy Hampey (Parishioner)

                                                +Gella Cruz (Lanny and Danny)

                                                +John Morris (Lanny and Danny)

                                                Spl. Int. Atenodora Olalo (Diva and Family)

                                                Spl. Int. Alice and Ernest Tan (Diva and Family)

                                                Spl. Int .Matilda Jang (Diva and Family)

                                                Spl. Int. Arnulfo Luz (Diva and Family)

                                                Spl. Int. Catherine, Angela, Monica and Joachim Chen (Agnes)

                                                Spl. Int. Gianni Galeone (Simona and Alessandro)

                                                Spl. Int. Henry and Betty Chung (Diva)

                                                Spl. Int. Magda Legault (Barbara V.H.)

Sat. Sept 2        9:00 am            ++Souls in Purgatory

Sat. Sept 2        5:00 pm            +Gella Cruz (Jeanette B.)

                                                +Jeannine Roy (Piovesan Family)

                                                Spl. Int. Wendy S. (Phoebe)

Sun. Sept 3       8:00 am            +Mario Dalla Zanna (Ivania and Tony)

                                                +Richard Crompton

                                                +Lina Rossi (Baldonero Family)

                                                ++Souls in Purgatory (Clarisse Faria)

                                                Spl. Int. David Myung and Family (Family)

Sun. Sept 3       10:00am           ++++++Cosimo and Carmela Peronace, Rosalba Gasparre,

Nicola and Caterina Tassone and Elisabeta Arcadi

+Maris Serrano (Charlaine Francis)

+Richard Crompton (Tom and Jane Cikes)

Spl. Int. Charlaine Francis (the Grade 6 class)

Sun. Sept 3       12:00 Noon       +John Morris (Family)

                                                +Lina Rossi (Anna Matera)

                                                +Carlo De Renzio (Rosa De Renzio)

                                                +Mitch Tannis (Alfonso Family)

                                                +Saverino Filippelli (Family)

                                    `           Spl. Int. Diva Morris (Bozena)

                                                Spl. Int. Sunita and Luke McQuillan (Family)

Sun. Sept 3       5:00 pm            +Esperance D’Souza (Family)

                                                +Mario Dalla Zanna (Mustapic Family)

                                                ++Deceased Members of the Goncalves and Faria Families (Family)

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