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MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
July 13 to 19, 2020

Mon 9:00 am Spl. Int. Lisa Nicholson (Lucille S.)

Tues. 9:00 am +Adolfo Ortiz Junior (Diva and John)

Wed. 9:00 am +Simon Peter Yue (David)

Thurs 9:00 am Spl. Int. Diva (Vikky Levan)

Fri. 9:00 am Spl. Int. Diva (Vikky Levan)

Sat. 9:00 am ++Agostino and Pompilio Velenosi (Family)

Sat 5:00 pm +Vincenzo Misceo (Wife)
                         +Yong Fen Nyen (Mary Shak)
                         +Cham Kim Lan (Mary Shak)
                         +Joshua Pereira (Viveiros Family)

Sun. 8:00 am ++Ernesto and Leonides Parel (Diva and John)
                         +Jeremiah Harrington (Family)
                         +Aurelio Ilagan (Diva and John)
                         +Jordan Wolczyk (Fortunata and Carmelo Mattiazzo and Family)

Sun. 10:00am +Paulin Sohn (Family)
                         +Nicole Porciello (Family)
                         +Andrino Citton (Lina and Tarcisio Boffo)
                         +Antonio Rinaldo (Lina and Tarcisio Boffo)

Sun. 12:00 Noon +Paul Thow (Family)
                         +Leonides Parel (Perla)
                         Spl. Int. Anna Lo (Eva R.)

Sun. 7:30 pm +Adolfo Ortiz Junior (May and Don)
                         +Garry Stevenson (Antonina D’Elia)
                         Spl. Int. Teteng and Father Paul (Lanny and Danny)
                         Spl. Int. Vernon Robertson (Parishioner)