Update September 3, 2020

Dear Parishioners, 

This year of 2020 has been quite horrific.  We have all been impacted in some way by this global COVID-19 pandemic.  Yet, we are all trying to bring some “normalcy” into our lives, whether it be in our home, work, school or church situations. 

I am addressing the “church” situation.  One of the facets of it is Project Advance. This year the Archdiocese will use more than 50% of the funds generated through Project Advance for the Crisis Response Fund and the rest for the ongoing ministries of outreach and evangelization.   

Due to COVID-19, the Parish goals have been reduced.  Here, at Holy Cross it is $31,000 (originally the goal would have been $62,000).  Some of you have already contributed to Project Advance this year, for which I “thank you” very much. 

This pre-contribution has meant. . . We have attained our diocesan goal!!  What does this mean?  I emphasise that from now on every penny generated will remain in Holy Cross Parish.  

 Our parish has lost a significant percent of income due to lower collections, as well as not being able to hold our Annual Golf Tournament, which is one of our major fundraisers.  We hope that through Project Advance, we will be able to recover some of these funds.  I am hoping they will help us to cover some of the costs of the upgrades we did:  First and foremost, the purchasing of equipment to allow livestreaming of a weekly Sunday Mass enabling you to “attend and participate in the celebration; for the rectory (replacing some windows, sinks and the boiler); for the priest’s office (soundproofing of the wall to improve confidentiality and a glass door to meet safe environment requirements); and for the church basement entrances (replacing both metal doors and the door handles).  Also, as we have been doing for the past few years, we hope to put some of the funds towards the future rebuilding of our elementary school. This project will have to be finalized within the next ten years. 

If you can . . . please . . . consider becoming a contributing member of Project Advance.  Remember… no gift is too small. The best way to donate is to go online to: 

Remember to choose “Holy Cross Parish”. If you prefer to make your donation with cash or cheque or credit card, please contact our parish office.  

Should your financial situation not allow you to contribute towards Project Advance this year, please support this campaign with your prayers.    

Yours in Christ, 

Fr. Chris Pastuszka, SDS 


MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)

Sept 7 to 13, 2020

Mon    9:00 am        Spl. Int. Taiga Morris (Family)

Tues.  8:15 am        +Paul Liu (Family)

Wed.  8:15 am        Spl. Int. Aureola Tagsa (Family)

Thurs 8:15 am        Spl. Int. Diva and John Morris (Family)

Fri.     8:15 am        +Lawrence Motte (Family)

Sat.    9:00 am        Parishioners

Sat     5:00 pm        +Adolfo Ortiz Junior (Family)

                                +Beatriz D. Cruz (Family)

                                ++Cornelia and Alfredo Cruz (Family)

                                Spl. Int. Gella Cruz (John and Diva)

                                Spl. Int. for Thanksgiving (Kit)

Sun.   8:00 am        ++Angela and Luigi Collonello (Family)

                                +Fr. Zeno Zgudziak (John and Diva)

                                +Domenico Terragni (Family)

                                Spl. Int. Diva (Vikky Levan)

Sun.   10:00am       +Cesar Santagiuliana (Family)

                                ++Domenico and Rosa Mobilio (Daughter)

                                +Carly Popovich (John and Jackie)

                                +Murray Kennedy (John and Jackie)

                                +Gianfranco Nicoletti (Giuseppina G.)

Sun.   12:00 Noon   +Ann Marie Antolcic (Holy Cross School Staff)

                                +Roma Waignein

                                +Robertina De Souza (Alfonso Family)

Spl. Int. Gella Cruz (Family)

                                Spl. Int. Lucas and Chase Wong (Family)

Sun.   7:30 pm        Parishioners