Update October 23, 2020

Dear Parishioners,  

Thank you very much for your positive feedback on the changes for Mass Registrations!  Whenever something new is introduced, or modifications made to an existing system, not everyone accepts the change.  However, I am pleased to say that the majority of our parishioners are following the rules regarding signing up-only once-every two weeks.   

We are monitoring our registration platform and contacting those who may have misunderstood and double booked.  I know that many of you would like to participate in the Eucharist every weekend.  It is not doable at this time and, as your pastor, it is my responsibility to try and make it feasible for others to attend and participate on occasion.  

Now when you register, please enter your family name as well as the first names of those attending.  This makes it easier for our ushers to check off the number of people present when you arrive at the Church and to ensure that we are within the guidelines of no more than 50 people at any one celebration. 

Homeless Program:  Like last year, our annual Homeless Program will run for only two weekends:  OCT 31 – NOV 8.  Clear plastic bags will be provided to help us sort through the donations.   You can pick these up in the foyer of the church, where the Homeless box will be.  Please place the men’s and women’s donations in separate bags.   The usual articles most asked for are the following:  CLEAN used items in Good Reusable Condition such as:  blankets, winter coats, gloves/mittens, boots, socks, toques and scarves.  You are most welcome to donate New Items as well.  Please tag your donation bag “Homeless” and place it near the homeless box at the inside entrance of the church.  Thank you for your ongoing support in reaching out to those in need! 


Fr. Chris Pastuszka, SDS 


MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
Oct 26 to Nov 1, 2020

Mon    8:15 am        +Gianfranco Nicoletti (Marisa Ku and Family)

Tues.  8:15 am        +Gianfranco Nicoletti (Nicole and Mike)

                                Spl. Int. Rick (Parishioner)

Wed.  8:15 am        Spl. Int. Agnes Wan (Lanny and Danny)

                                +Father Zeno (Dolly and Walter Amman)

Thurs 8:15 am        Spl. Int. Marcelo San Juan and Mark Crister Villafuerte

(Grace San Juan)

Fri.     8:15 am        +Lewis Glavina (John and Diva)

Sat.    9:00 am        Spl. Int. Michael Fong (Family)

Sat     5:00 pm        +Anna Merola (Tony and Linda Merola and Family)

                                ++Peter and Juanita San Juan (Family)

                                +Angelita Lilies (Cruz Family)

                                +Maria So (Maria Hu)

                                +Gerry Crehan (Peter and Andrea)

                                +Sam Buonassisi (Family)

                                +John Van Essen (Family)

                                +Robert Anzulovich (Stan and Mirjana Hewitt)

                                Spl. Int. Rina Tinaburri (Family)

                                Spl. Int. Rosemary Glavina (John and Diva)

                                Spl. Int. Private Intentions

Sun.   8:00 am        +Domingo Parado Junior and Maria Parado

                                (Parado and Ly Families)

                                +Domenico Terragni (Family)

                                +Marciana Ocampo (Family)

                                ++Deceased Members of the Mauro and Romano Families (Family)

Sun.   10:00am       ++Deceased Members of Peretto Family (Family)

                                +Irma Frigo (Vivian and Sal Crescenzo)

                                +Gianfranco Nicoletti (May and Don)

                                ++All Souls in Purgatory (Heidi and David)

                                +Renato Cruz (Family)

Sun.   12:00 Noon   +Paul Thow (Family)

                                +Agnes Toh (Family)

                                +Maria Chua (Family)

                                +John Thow (Family)

                                +David Franzon (Franca Z. and Family)

Sun.   5:00 pm        +++Zacharias and Dolores Nopre and Helmut Halfar

                                (Albina Halfar and Family)

                                +Robert Anzulovich (Jeanette Buonassisi)

                                Spl. Int. Deacon Terry McLaughlin (Lanny and Danny)