Update May 29th, 2020

This weekend we are celebrating the feast of Pentecost, the theme being the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.  It is through the Holy Spirit that we are united with Christ, through a strong bond of love.  What better time to be thankful for this than now . . . working through this pandemic together and now beginning the “gentle” reopening of our Churches.

Here, at Holy Cross, we did our reopening last weekend.  All procedures, re “registering for Mass” were presented in my Update of last week, May 20, 2020 for you to refer to.

When anything is put into place for the first time, there are always hiccups along the way and creases to be ironed out.  Therefore, please, note the following updates regarding the registration process.  I hope this will help clarify the procedure to be followed.

If you see this message on your screen: “Thank you for registering…” This is your confirmation of booking the one seat for the Mass time you selected. We will be not calling or emailing you to confirm. If you were successful in registering, it means that you can come for the Mass which you selected.

If any Mass has reached the maximum capacity, you will see this message on your screen: “Sorry, we have reached the maximum number of people allowed for this Mass”.  This means, you will not be able to enter your name and phone number.

If you have registered, but need to cancel, please email (preferred), or call our parish office.

At this time, we can certainly accommodate anyone who wishes to attend any of the Masses.  When the time comes that this is no longer possible for some of the Masses, due to people wanting to book the same mass times, it will be reviewed and new guidelines will be forthcoming.

I would like to add a few reminders:

  • Please, arrive ahead of time as late comers will not be admitted. Before the Mass begins, our ushers will lock the doors and join the congregation to participate in the Eucharist.
  • When you go up to receive Communion, remember to take everything with you, since you will not be returning to your pew.
  • If you wish to talk to other people after Mass, kindly move away from the church door and definitely keep in mind the social distancing requirements.  We do not want to create the image that there is a big gathering of people in our parking lot.
  • On another note:  As some of you may know, Fr. Konrad is being transferred by the Salvatorian’s Provincial Superior to Miami, Florida, U.S.A., where he will take up a teaching position. His ministry here at Holy Cross will end on June 15, 2020. As much as we are sad to lose him here, we are also happy for him. In his new position, he will be able to share with his future students his many talents and skills. The appointment of our new assistant pastor, Fr. Thomas Staruzyk, SDS will begin on July 1, 2020.

Let us pray together, on this feast of Pentecost, that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will continue to be with us, helping us to become a more united and bonded parish community.

Fr. Chris Pastuszka,

  • MASS INTENTIONS for May 25 to 31, 2020 (Requested by)
    Mon    9:00 am        +Helmut Halfar (Albina Halfar)
    Tues.  9:00 am        +Krystyna Reimus (Alex Dobrzanski)
    Wed.  9:00 am        ++Deceased Members of Warburton Family
    Thurs 9:00 am        Parishioners
    Fri.     9:00 am        Spl. Int. Bice Ciolfitto (Andrea and Peter Buonassisi)
    Sat.    9:00 am        +Adolfo Ortiz Junior (Agnes Wan)
    Sat     5:00 pm        ++Bala and Rita Manian (Rodrigues Family)
                                    +Maria Rosa Toselli (Elena Ilagan)
                                    Spl. Int. Mike and Olimpia Malsegna
                                    30th Wedding Anniversary (Family)
    Sun.   8:00 am        +Sam Buonassisi (Stefano and Adriana Fogale)
                                    +Doris Liu (Family)
    Sun.   10:00am       +Alessandra Peretto (Family)
                                    +Ivan Udovicic (Mike and Carmelina)
                                    +Sergio Alberti (Andrea and Peter Buonassisi)
                                    +Tony Pedron (Andrea and Peter Buonassisi)
    Sun.   12:00 Noon   +Paul Thow (Family)
                                    +Nick Petrollini (Carmela)
                                    +Younan King Woo (Lucille).
    Sun.   7:30 pm        Parishioners