Update May 27, 2022

The Holy Cross School Community Picnic is this Sunday May 29th from 12:30pm – 5:00pm on the Holy Cross School Grounds.

Please join us fordelicious food including BBQ sausages, pasta, hot dogs, and other treats. A $10.00 wrist band will give your child all day access to the Bouncy Castle, Super Slide, and all carnival games.

BACK by Popular demand – Staff SURPRISE Event!!??!!

To support our community:  Bring a non-perishable food item to the picnic in support of Ryan’s Rainbow Emergency Food Outreach.

Your support in making this event successful is appreciated.  We look forward to seeing you there!

For more info: picnic@hcschool.ca

Krispy Kreme Donuts
The Grade 7 class will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts after the 10:00 am Mass for $15 per dozen.

Voice Workshop Thursday June 9
Do you like to sing in your shower or in your car?
Do you want to know how to produce beautiful vocal resonance and tone?
Do you want to know how to release tension and unlock the natural sound of your voice?

Unravel the mysteries of your voice by exploring the Bel Canto method, the standard for professional classical singers first developed during the time of Monteverdi by coming to a voice workshop in the Church on Thursday June 9th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Armand Birk, Orchestral and Choral conductor, will lead a workshop on the principles of Bel Canto for Choral Singing, a methodology mastered by Dr. Laurier Fagnan, current President of Choral Canada and master vocal pedagogue.”

The words of hymns are prayers and, as St. Augustine said, “Those who sing pray twice!

Please register by June 6 by emailing Agnes Wan at joagnes@shaw.ca.  Agnes will prepare hand outs for all participants.

(Admission is by donation.)

Mark your calendars for the final Pancake breakfast before the summer on Sunday June 26th after the 8:00 am and 10:00 am Masses.  We hope to see you there!

MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
May 30 to June 5, 2022

Mon.     8:15 am            ++Luigi and Theresa Parotta (Dave and Dorothy)

Tues.    8:15 am            +Florence Fung Lun (Family)

Wed.    8:15 am            Parishioners

Thurs    8:15 am            ++Paul and Dorota Nowakowski (Daphne)

Fri.       8:15 am            ++Deceased Members of Warburton Family

Fri.       7:30 pm            ++Cristina and Grandma Cheng (Lanny and Danny)

                                    Spl. Int. Father Tomasz (Regina)

                                    Spl. Int. May and Michelle (Juliet)

                                    Spl. Int. Dorene Fierro

                                    Spl. Int. Andrew Chen (Marisa Ku)

                                    Spl. Int. Daniel Walczak

                                    Spl. Int. Daniel and Michal Tyczkowski

                                    Spl. Int. Teresa and Wojtek Walczak

                                    Spl. Int. Martha, Paul and Pan Family (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Burke and Chuchay Misenas on their 3rd Wedding Anniversary

                                    (R. Esplana)

                                    Spl. Int. Healing and Good Health of Misenas Family (R. Esplana)

                                    Spl. Int. Alec Ortiz (Family)

Sat.      9:00 am            ++Souls in Purgatory

Sat       5:00 pm            +Robert Veltri (Wife Rose Ann Veltri)

                                    +Carlos Espinoza (Giuseppina G.)

                                    +Santolo Esposito (Family)

                                    +Elsa Zaravise (Carmen and Makiko)

                                    Spl. Int. Teresa and Wojtek Walczak

Sun.     8:00 am            +Alessandro Peretto (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Sandra and Sean Ungemach Boffo on their 25th Wedding Anniversary

                                    (Mattiazzo Family)

Sun.     10:00am            +Eufrasia Sovernigo (Family)

                                    +Rina Tinaburri (Lucy, Vik and Family)

                                    +Rae (Ray) Ebert (Aprille McCauley and Family)

                                    +Ma Liu Ching (Philomena Yee)

                                    +Nicola Di Marchi

Sun.     12:00 Noon       ++Antonietta and Giuseppe De Mare (Daughter)

                                    +Saverino Filipelli (Family)

                                    +Paul Pazdera (Marguerite)

Sun.     5:00pm             Parishioners

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