Update May 1st, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Today, we are beginning the beautiful month of May.  True, we are still experiencing isolation and social distancing; but in the Catholic Church, this month is dedicated to Mary, the Blessed Virgin – not only the mother of Jesus, but mother to us all. Therefore, let us pray, through her intercession, that this virus will soon be defeated and that we can return to the joyful and beautiful public celebration of Holy Mass.

Beginning Friday, May 1 we are reopening our parish office. However. . . there will be some restrictions put in place to protect our office staff. The best way to contact our parish office will be through an email or phone call. If you need to pick something up, (mass card, income tax, baptismal certificate etc.), please ring the bell, identify yourself and the reason of your visit and then. . . move at least two metres away from the door. Krys will open the door and put the item(s) into the mailbox for you.

The same holds true if you wish to drop off your Sunday Envelopes, Mass stipends, etc.  Place item(s) into the mailbox, ring the bell and move at least two metres away.  Krys will then open the door and pickup your delivery. Please…I ask that, at no time, you enter the parish office. This request may seem a bit harsh, but given the present circumstances we are all experiencing, it is better to be safe than sorry!  I hope I still have your continued support, understanding and cooperation in this regard, for which I “thank you”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Konrad or myself, if you are in need of anything. Be assured of our prayers for you and your families and we ask you to keep us in your prayers.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Chris Pastuszka, SDS