Update June 5th, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Last weekend, we celebrated the beautiful Feast of Pentecost.  Not only did we rejoice on this Feast Day but, on Saturday, we also celebrated the Liturgy of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation) for members of our RCIA group.  I administered these 3 Sacraments to 13 adults.  I also baptized 5 children (from these candidates’ families) and 1 Catholic adult received Confirmation.  Indeed, it was a very joyful day for our Holy Cross Community.

As in so many changes we are all experiencing these days because of COVID-19, some alterations had to be made before we celebrated this Initiation.  Masks had to be worn when the Sacraments were administered. When it came time for the anointing with the Holy Oils, I used Q-Tips to avoid touching their foreheads with my thumb. There was no group photo or a reception, but it was still a very happy day for the candidates, the RCIA team and myself. Congratulations to all!

Regarding Mass Registration:

  • Beginning Monday June 8, there is no need to register for weekday Masses. Ushers will just check if your name is already on our list of our regular daily Mass goers
  • The deadline to register for Weekend Masses (Saturday evening & Sundays) is: Saturday, 2.00 AM
  • At this time we are not able to show how many seats are remaining
  • If you attended a Sunday mass one week, please wait until Thursday before registering again for the next week. This is to allow others to be given the chance to register . . . those that may be “first timers”, or for those that have been unsuccessful in their previous attempts to sign up. On Thursday, the registration is open to everyone.

Important Reminder:

In an email from the Archdiocese, we were asked to remind our parishioners that, as a result of consultation with the Provincial Health Officer, the faithful are strongly recommended to receive Holy Communion on the hand.

And one more request from me as your pastor… If you decide to come to church, PLEASE MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES . . . at the registration table, walking with the ushers and when you are in the parking lot. 

Despite all the modifications we all have had to make – self isolation, constant washing/sanitizing of our hands, social distancing, wearing of masks, etc. – in our homes, classrooms, workplaces or places of worship, I feel it has given us time to reflect on the things that we may have taken for granted and to be thankful for what we have now.  Let us strictly maintain these protocols in order to overcome this pandemic.

Fr. Chris

  • MASS INTENTIONS for June 8 to 14, 2020(Requested by)
  • Mon     9:00 am           +Nicola Zumpano (Rosa Corrado)
  • Tues.   9:00 am           +Darren Rossander (Lianna and Justin)
  • Wed.    9:00 am           Spl. Int. Thanksgiving for John and Diva’s 48th
    Wedding Anniversary (Family)
  • Thurs   9:00 am           +Lawrence Motte (Family)
  • Fri.       9:00 am           Spl. Int. Amanda Hope (Lanny and Danny)
  • Sat.      9:00 am           Spl. Int. Mary Fong (Family)
  • Sat       5:00 pm           +Aura Fernandes (Rodrigues Family)
  •                                     +Adolfo Ortiz Junior (Family)
  •                                     Spl. Int. Aaron Ortiz (Family
  •                                     Spl. Int. Shelley Halliday
    (Dave and Dorothy Demare)
  • Sun.     8:00 am           +Pino Avignone (Family)
  •                                     +Sam Buonassisi (Angelo and Marie Baldonero)
  •                                     +Renato Dalla Zanna (Mattiazzo Family)
  •                                     Spl. Int. Father Konrad (Cathy K.)
  • Sun.     10:00am          +Sergio Alberti (Charlaine Francis)
  •                                     +Tony Pedron (Charlaine Francis)
  •                                     +Nicole Porciello (Family)
  •                                     +Ivan Udovicic (Bond Family)
  • Sun.     12:00 Noon     ++Stanislaw Pozniak (Wife)
    +++++++++++++++Rogelio , Epifanio, Illuminada, Jessie and Sonny Dechavez, Teofilo, Tomasa, Carmen, Elisa, Rolando
    and Limwel Alpajora, Baltazar Pamitan, Edwin Sapla, and
    Peping and Emma Medevilla (Teresita Dechavez)
  •                                     Spl. Int. Roman Pozniak (Mom)
  • Sun.     7:30 pm           +Rudy Goring (Alba Stevenson)
  •                                     +Maria Rosa Mimma Toselli
    (Michael and Carole Ilagan)
  •                                     +Father Peter Chiang (Parishioner)
  •                                     Spl. Int. Francesca Quarantotto (Family)
    +Dolores Nopre (Albina Halfar)