Update January 28, 2022


The Parish Council will be making a decision at their next meeting as to whether to renew our formed.org subscription. If you are using this website and would like the parish to continue our subscription, please email our parish office at parish.hcb@rcav.org.


The Holy Father has called a Synod in Rome in which we are invited to listen to one another and to grow as a parish, as a diocese, and as the Church around the world. The Synod will begin this year, and in support of this, at the back of the Church you will find the Synod cards. You are encouraged to take them home, as these cards give examples of different ways to encourage conversations about important issues in the Church today.  Hopefully, this will encourage us to listen better and to participate in authentic dialogue with one another. 

More information will be coming your way soon on how to make the Synod a real opportunity for growth in our parish and community.

The link to the Archdiocese website is https://rcav.org/synod

MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
January 31 to February 6, 2022

Mon.     8:15 am            +Rina Tinaburri (Joe Tinaburri)

Tues.    8:15 am            +Elvine Kelly (Adriana Fogale)

 Wed.   8:15 am            +Anna Garcea (Family)

Thurs    8:15 am            Spl. Int. Everton Downey (Lanny and Danny)

Fri.       8:15 am            +Robert Veltri (Rose Ann Veltri – Wife)

Fri.       7:30 pm            ++Cristina and Grandma Cheng (Lanny and Danny)

                                    +Erlinda Cayalan (Agnes Wan)

                                    Spl. Int. Basil Dimou (Regina M.)

                                    Spl. Int. Paul Pazdera (Marguerite Pazdera)

                                    Spl. Int. Emma (Costanza M.)

                                    Spl. Int. Hyacinth (Diva)

                                    Spl. Int. Mrs. Cruz (Diva)

                                   Spl. Int. May and Michelle (Juliet)

                                   Spl. Int. Gabrych and Trybek Families (Lanny and Danny)

                                   Spl. Int. Ursula Better (Eva R.)

Sat.      9:00 am            Spl. Int. Ursula Bette (Eva R.)

Sat       5:00 pm            +Barbara (Hewitt Family)

                                    +Melissa Blimkie (Dave and Dorothy)

Sun.     8:00 am            +Luigi Mezzomo (Family)

                                    +Sam Buonassisi (Family)

                                    +Teresa Nguyen

                                    Spl. Int. Blessings for Lunar New Year

Sun.     10:00am            +Eufrasia Sovernigo (Family)

                                    +Veronica Sadiwa (Family)

                                    +Marcija Beritic (Anka Bratanic)

                                    +Davor Crnica (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Paul Pazdera (Lanny and Danny)

Sun.     12:00 Noon       +Robert Hansen (Sartori Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Emma (Diva

Sun.     5:00pm             +Fernando Tejada (Family)

                                    +Loreto Malsegna (Alberti Family)

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