Update April 29, 2022

Project Advance
Every year, through Project Advance – together – we support a wide range of ministries that help others in our Archdiocesan community; i.e. building of catholic schools to provide catholic education; out-reach programs; Youth Ministry, etc.  

Each parish, in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, is given a monetary goal in which to support these many Ministries. If and when a parish has met their allotted goal, they are given an “incentive”. Anything OVER this goal, the parish is allowed to keep and to use toward their own benefit and needs.  This year our Archdiocesan goal is $56,400. Every penny collected over this amount will stay within Holy Cross Parish and go towards the following:
· Replacing the windows in the sacristy (approximately $10,000)  

· Installation of an EV charging station (approximately $8,000)  

· Rebuilding or seismic upgrade of our elementary school.
Our Project Advance Volunteers will be at each mass for the next two weekends to facilitate the process. You can also go online to give at www.projectadvance.ca and designate our parish as the recipient – it is very easy to do.  

To watch the Project Advance video, please use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHJdJ4E_iE8

Please consider becoming a contributing member of Project Advance. I ask that you give willingly and from the heart. Remember… no gift is too small. Together, let us build our Parish Community…not only for today, but for all the tomorrows.  

Thank you to all of you who supported our Heavenly Wines project by selecting a wine to purchase last weekend. Please drop off your purchased wine with the volunteers in the back of the Church.

Our Holy Cross Annual Golf Tournament (at Riverway Golf Course) on Friday May 13, 2022 is sold out for golfers.  However, there are still a few dinner spots available.  If you wish to attend the dinner, please email Dino at dinohc@telus.net.

Our thanks and sincere gratitude to all of you who continue to support our annual Golf Tournament!

The Knights of Columbus will be collecting diapers and formula for Ryan’s Rainbow after all Masses this weekend.  Please drop off your donation in the crib at the back of the Church.

The Knights of Columbus are holding a scholarship raffle starting on Saturday April 30th.  You can purchase tickets at the back of the Church after all Masses.  Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.

In 2 weeks, there will be a sale of religious articles from the Holy Land after all Masses.  These articles are hand crafted by the Christians of the Holy land who are selling these items to assist them in staying rooted in the land of Christ. 70 years ago, the Christian population was 20 % of the whole population, now they are only 1.0%. 

It is also a way of preserving a local cultural heritage which is in danger of being lost as more Christians feel pressured to leave their homeland for economic and political reasons. These religious articles can be used as gifts for first communions, Christmas and other occasions. In addition, some of these articles can be used to help in prayers and to provide comfort, strength, and even hope for people who are suffering.  Please note that that ONLY CASH is accepted for payment at this time. 

MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)
May 2 to 8, 2022

Mon.     8:15 am            +Juanita San Juan (Family)

Tues.    8:15 am            ++++++Cosimo and Carmela Peronace, Rosalba Gasparre,

                                   Nicola and Caterina Tassone and Elisabeta Arcadi

Wed.    8:15 am            +Robert Veltri (Wife Rose Ann Veltri)

Thurs    8:15 am            +Frank Foliino (Marisa D. and Nick G.)

Thurs    1:00 pm            The Crowning of Mary – Grade 1

Fri.       8:15 am            Spl. Int. Dave and Dorothy Demare and Family (Kit Wong)

Fri.       7:30 pm            ++Cristina and Grandma Cheng (Lanny and Danny)

                                    +Emma Isaac (Costanza M.)

                                    +Honorata Migrino (Family)

                                    ++Souls in Purgatory (Susanna Harwood)

                                    +Luong Tran (Agnes Wan)

                                    +Gaetano Giuffre (Eva R.)

                                    +Ursula Bette (Eva R.)

                                    +Cecilia Iorio (Anna Matera)

                                    Spl. Int. May and Michelle (Juliet)

                                    Spl. Int. May Chan (Barbara V.H.)

                                    Spl. Int. Helene and Tonia Ng (Kit and Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Joseph Trainor (Diva and Family)

                                    Spl. Int. John and James Morris (Diva and Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Makiko Morelli (Agnes Wan)

                                    Spl. Int. Daniel Walczak

                                    Spl. Int. Franco Lagoniegro (Anna Matera)

Sat.      9:00 am            ++Souls in Purgatory

Sat       5:00 pm            +Salvatore Demare (Dave and Dorothy)

                                    +Primo Bondi (Robert, Krys and Nicholas

                                    +Pauline Halliday (Angie Kwok)

                                    +Guido De Angelis (Wife Angelina)

                                    Spl. Int. Alice Tan (Barbara V.H.)

                                    Spl. Int. Dorothy Demare (Barbara V.H.)

Sun.     8:00 am            ++John and Emilia Mauro (Family)

                                    +Darek Mikulski (Parishioner)

                                    Spl. Int. Maria Myung and Family (Ceceilia)

Sun.     10:00am            +Davor Crnica (Mirjana and Family)

                                   +Lucia Tinaburri (Daughters)

                                    +Bice Ciolfitto (Ada Folino and Family)

                                    +Anna Dellisanti (Tony and Linda Merola and Family)

                                    +Norberto De Castro (John and Jackie)

                                    +Settimia Marini (Ada and Family)

Sun.     12:00 Noon       +Saverino Filipelli (Family)

                                    +Carmela Luongo (Family)

                                    +Amy Lewis (Connell and Veronika Lewis)

                                    +Dolores Nopre (Albina Halfar)

                                    +James Chacko (Joseph Family)

                                    Spl. Int. John and Wallace Morris (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Franca Zumpano (Family)

                                    Spl. Int. Dave and Rose Turrin (Lanny and Danny)

                                    Spl. Int. Diva Morris (Barbara V.H.)

Sun.     5:00pm             Parishioners

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