Update April 24th, 2020

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Holy Cross:

We have already celebrated Easter and now will continue to observe the Easter Season for the next fifty days, until Pentecost Sunday. To say the least, this year’s observance of Holy Week and Easter was lonely.  Fr. Konrad and I really missed your physical presence in our Church during this notable season in the Liturgical calendar.  It was just as sad to see the empty parking lot every time I went for my walk. However, let us all remember – Easter is the celebration of hope.  Therefore, let us continue to sustain this hope and pray that soon we will be reunited to celebrate the Eucharist together.

“Thank you” very much for your positive feedback regarding the Masses recorded at Holy Cross! Responses from different families and individuals tells how much it helps them to see their priest saying Mass in their own church.

Another big “Thank you” is for your continued financial support! Many people help our parish using the Pre-authorized Payment, the Online Giving Link available on our website, or dropping off their Sunday Collection envelopes. It is very reassuring to see how much you care about your parish in these challenging times.

On another note, a group of our parishioners have made a point of reaching out to the underprivileged people in Eastside Vancouver. For about a month, 11 families from Holy Cross have been making sandwiches from their homes. These wrapped sandwiches are then collected from their homes by a couple of other parishioners and delivered to The Door is Open. This is just one example of a group of our parishioners who have taken the initiative to care for and help people in need, especially in these troubled times.

As in the past, I once again assure you that Fr. Konrad and I keep all of you in our prayers, especially when we celebrate the daily Eucharist in our church. Though the church is empty, we are spiritually connected through the person of our Risen Lord.

Fr. Chris Pastuszka, SDS