Project Advance 2021

Dear Parishioners,

Success in the eyes of God is not necessarily about the quantity or quality of our material goods. . . .but rather. . . how we use these goods.  Do they move us closer to God, or are they a hindrance in our way of thinking?  God calls upon each and everyone of us to “share” what we have in order to help others.  From the Church’s perspective, one way of doing this is through Project Advance.  By providing support for many different ministries of the Church, gives everyone a chance to “put into action” their Christian stewardship.

In the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Project Advance provides critical funding to continue life-changing programs that support the work of evangelization, charities, ministries, as well as building new secondary schools that nurture our young people.

This year, our Archdiocesan goal is 47,000Every penny collected over this amount will stay within Holy Cross Parish and go towards:

  • Replacement of the boiler in the church (approximately $30,000)
  • Renewing for our parishioners ($2,000)
  • Rebuilding or seismic upgrade of our elementary school

If you can . . . please . . . consider becoming a contributing member of Project Advance.  Remember… no gift is too small. You can contribute to Project Advance online at – or by phone at 604-683-0281 ext. 50323 – or in-person at our parish office.

Our way forward begins with your hospitality in increasing our parish and local Catholic community.  We’re very grateful for your ongoing generosity and support!

Fr. Chris Pastuszka, SDS