Conquest is a catholic club for boys 10-12 years of age (Grades 5-7) that provides, through its weekly activities and projects, a fun and wholesome atmosphere where the boys will have fun while developing character and growing in virtue and their spiritual live. Recognizing the obstacles and false ideals that youth encounter in today’s culture, Conquest empowers boys to face and overcome these difficulties rather than ignore and succumb to them. Conquest organizes exciting adventures and challenges; through these experiences boys learn that human and spiritual development can go hand-in-hand with many of their favorite activities.Conquest, through its athletic, educational and creative programs, provides an atmosphere in which boys naturally develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their brother and friend. This bond will awaken in each boy a desire to serve as His apostle; it will motivate him to serve Church, home, community and school. In short, the program is designed to help boys grow into mature young men who live their Catholic life authentically.

Conquest is a program affiliated with Mission Network and sponsored by Regnum Christi. More information can be found at

  • Conquest club meetings are Friday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the church basement and/or school gym
  • Parish Contact: Bernardo Altamirano
  • Annual registration Fee: $50.00