Mass Intentions for July 6 to 12

Dear Parishioners:

Here are our Mass Intentions for next week.


Fr. Chris


MASS INTENTIONS (Requested by)

July 6 to 12, 2020

Mon    9:00 am        Spl. Int. Alice Tan (May and Don)

Tues.  9:00 am        Spl. Int. Lanny Hui (Lucille S.)

Wed.  9:00 am        +Nicola Zumpano (Rosa Corrado)

Thurs  9:00 am        ++Eutropio and Hermie Migrino (Family)

Fri.     9:00 am        Spl. Int. Albert Hope (Lanny and Danny)

Sat.    9:00 am        Parishioners

Sat     5:00 pm        +Ken Verhovan (Rodrigues Family)

                              +Rosa Sacco (Family)

                              +Martin Shak (Mary Shak)

                              +Helen Voo (Mary Shak)

Sun.   8:00 am        +Stanley Wing Quan

                              +Jordan Wolczyk (Ivania and Tony)

Spl. Int. Maria Romano (Family)

Sun.   10:00am       +Peter Y.M. Chang (Family)

                              +Irma Frigo (Bertelli Family)

                              +Amedeo Merlo (Nicole and Mike)

                              +Nick Petrollini (Carmela and Family)

Sun.   12:00 Noon   +Maria Rosa Mimma Toselli (Michael and Carole Ilagan)

                              +Louis D’Souza (Rasquinha Family)

                              +Lydia Merenda (Agnes Nuttall)

                              Spl. Int. Esperenza Romera Martin (Eva R.)

Sun.   7:30 pm        Spl. Int. Francesca Quarantotto (Family)

                              Spl. Int. Rick Angelini (Family)

                              Spl. Int. Ryan Dee (Parishioner)

                              Spl. Int. Richard Harty (Parishioner)